Developments Move On

As our 2022 eventing season has drawn to a close, our other projects have begun to move ahead and a nearing their final stages. With the target completion date in a few weeks, the facility is coming together and is set to be a fantastic setting for the horses.

The building will consist of 8 Cheval Liberte stables, all with rubber matting. The barn is airy with great ventilation and natural light with windows looking across our beautiful wooded valley. It will also house it own tack room and wash bays , all still with room for a storage area at the rear.

with direct access to all of our facilities already here, as well as the new car park, it promises to be efficient and functional. As well as this, we are beginning our development of more individual paddocks to accommodate the increase of horses.

We look forward to keeping everyone updated and cannot wait to share the final product.

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